AgapeΑγάπη • Love


Bouzouki • Μπουζούκι • Long-necked Greek stringed instrument similar to the mandolin


Briki •  Μπρίκι  •  Small metal coffee pot


DiakopesΔιακοπές • Vacation


EfharistoΕυχαριστώ  • Thank you 


Ellinikos  •  Ελληνικός    Greek 


FilokseniaΦιλοξενία • Hospitality 


Foustanella • Φουστανέλα • Traditional pleated skirt like garment worn by Evzones


GaidouriΓαϊδούρι • Donkey


Gav GavΓαβ Γαβ • Woof Woof


Gazaki  •  Γκαζάκι    Little camping style stove top


GiagiaΓιαγιά • Grandmother 


Gyros • Γύρος • Meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then sliced and served on its own or wrapped in pita bread


HellasΕλλάς • Greece


Horio • Χωριό  Village


Kafedaki • Καφεδάκι • Coffee


Kafenio • Καφενείο • Coffee Shop


Kaimaki  •  Καϊμάκι  •  Froth


KalimeraΚαλημέρα • Good morning 


KalinihtaΚαληνύχτα • Goodnight 


KalisperaΚαλησπέρα • Good Evening


Kalokairi • Καλοκαίρι • Summer


KefiΚέφι • No direct English translation. The word encapsulates a meaning of the enjoyment of life, having a passion for life, enthusiasm and joy. 


Koulouri / KoulourakiΚουλούρι • Cookie 


Mati • Μάτι • Eye


Mezes / MezedesΜεζέδες • Appetizers 


Nisi • Νησί  Island


Nisaki • Νησάκι  Little island


Nisaki Mou • Νησάκι Μου  My little island


OpaΏπα • An emotional expression used as an exclamation or declaration usually in response to an occurrence or event. 


PapouΠαππού • Grandfather


PatridaΠατρίδα • Homeland


Siga siga  •  Σιγά σιγά  •  Slowly


SkylosΣκύλος • Dog


Syntagma SquareΣύνταγμα • Athens’ central square home to the Greek Parliament. 


TsarouchiΤσαρούχι  • Shoe worn by the soldiers of the Presidential Guard known as Evzones  


YiamasΓεια Μας • Cheers (toast when drinking meaning to good health)


Yiasou (Geia Sou)Γεια Σου • Hello


Zoni • Ζονι Belt