Greece is an undeniably magical place! Opaw Pets brings your pets toys inspired by Greece’s culture, beauty and kefi. There’s no better way to show your furry friends love then by bringing a little Opaw home!

Our NEW Collection is here! Gerasimos The Gyros, Nisaki Mou and Paralia, honour the greatest time of the year in the most beautiful place - Summers in Greece!

The Greek Classics Collection includes 5 toys that represent pieces of Greek culture and celebrate Greece - The Bouzouki, Ouzo, The Gaidouri, The Evzonas and The Tsarouchi. All now available for your dogs and cats!

With your pets in mind, Opaw toys are designed and hand crafted with high quality and non toxic materials. Because each toy is handmade and one of a kind, there are slight variations in shape and size.

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  • Our Mission

    Our journey starts with summers in Greece. For years two first generation Greek-Canadians, Katerina and Athena, with a true love for their patrida and animals, searched Greece high and low to bring mementos home to their pups. There were none to be found and so Opaw was born! What started off as a simple idea to make Greek themed toys for our pups, became Opaw!


    Opaw recognizes the stray animal crisis in Greece and will do whatever we can to help and support. A portion of our sales will be donated to various animal rescues and charities throughout Greece. We would also like to offer you the opportunity to add an additional donation of your choice HERE. Please contact us with any suggested organizations. 


    All pups deserve toys but unfortunately not all have the opportunity to get some in their paws. Opaw would like to help! Please send us any repairable toys that your pup would like to pass along. We will fix them up and send them to rescues across Greece. Contact us here to make arrangements.

  • The Mati - Protector of Pawsitivity

    It's tradition in Greek culture to wear little blue eye charms or to place them in spaces we live in or occupy. But why? The curse of the Mati, aka evil eye, dates to Greek antiquity. It's believed people can cast curses on others through looks filled with jealousy, anger, envy and negativity. This special eye charm is said to protect one from being affected by these energies. You'll see images of the mati on all our toys and now you know why! Pawsitivity for your pets! And each toy comes with a little charm for extra security.

  • Materials, Construction and Carbon Pawprint

    Opaw Pets keeps our carbon footprint in thought when designing, producing and shipping.


    The stuffing and shell of our toys are made from 100% organic cotton. Since cotton is a natural fibre it fully biodegrades in a few months to a few years. Most toys are stuffed and made with polyester based materials which are created using non renewable resources, lots of energy and can take up to 200 years to biodegrade.


    Our mailers are biodegradable, compostable and eco friendly.

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